Brett and Alfie Full testimonial:

 “Chris has been working with my horse Alfie a 19 hand Belgian draft horse for almost a year now.  I had a long and arduous search for a horse trainer as I got my horse and he was not even halter trained.  Several very experienced horse people found him impossible to even walk on a lead.  I did a ton of research and was lucky enough to find Chris.  I always knew my horse had a good head on his shoulders and just needed the right person to show him the way and give him a chance.  He is a horse that does not respond to a heavy hand but rather kindness, understanding and patience.  I have read several books about so called "horse whisperers" and people that are believed to have special unique abilities with horses.  What I have come to learn is that its almost all not true and basically great horse trainers are people who combine experience with patience, intelligence and treat each horse in a unique manner that best suits the horse and the client they are training.  Chris just gets it when it comes to horses.  She reads their body language, and can tell very naturally what they need and when they need it.  She has an abundance of patience for horses and for people which makes her a fantastic trainer.  After 3 very renowned trainers quit on my horse and deemed him untrainable Chris came and spent some time with him.  She quickly formed a bond with him and has made gigantic accomplishments with him very quickly.  My horse Alfie has been working on side passing now and we are planning to start pulling training with him soon.  He is a horse that I saved from a bad situation and when I got him he was 4 yrs old 19 hands and 2000 lbs.  Most people were afraid of him but he had a great spirit.  Chris tapped into his body language and what he needed and continues to do a wonderful job with him.  I truly believe in many ways we are saving his life and future as without this training and already having 3 trainers quit I was wondering what to do.  Chris trains in a more natural horsemanship manner.  She really respects the horse and while she won’t let them take advantage of her she also does not need to be physical to train which makes them respect her and form an actual bond.  If you have a horse that is hard to train or traditional trainers have struggled with Chris is the best person to work with that horse.  She will take time to figure out what they need and adjust accordingly.  It baffles me that horse trainers come up with 1 method and work that method for life.  As people we teach children differently depending on each child's strengths, weaknesses and abilities.  Why do we train every single horse in the exact same manner?  Sure we teach them the same basic things but the way we go about it needs to be catered to each individual horse.  Some are scared and flighty, some are nervous and passive, some are nervous and aggressive, and some are bored, lazy, not confident, gigantic, and aware of their size (my Alfie).  Either way they all need different things and Chris is the first horse trainer I have worked with that seems to understand that. So if you have tried that old school horse trainer that everyone raved about but always had a pit in your stomach as they put a chain over your horses nose and bullied them into whatever they wanted them to do try a session with Chris.  If you have worked with trainers and they claim your horse is too dangerous or not worth their time or a problem horse try a session with Chris.  For me the final deciding factor and something I learned as a life lesson was to see what the owners horses were like.  Chris has a bond with her horses that I have never seen before.  Her horses work with her step by step, she saved their lives from terrible situations and they had severe confidence issues and they are bonded to her for life.  Because she is the first person in their life that was able to establish a bond that was built on trust, respect and safety rather than dominance or aggression.  If you just want your horse to jump a specific height at any cost Chris may not be your best choice.  If you want your horse to jump that height and be your partner, to be safe with you because at the end of the day your horse loves and respects you and you form a true bond then I would highly, highly suggest you give Chris a session with your horse.  I promise it only takes one session and you will see the difference from every other trainer you have worked with!” (Brett and Alfie)