Testimonials from some of her clients about the work she has done to help them and their equine partners!

“Thanks to Chris's creative approach to horsemanship my horse and I have learned to work together and have a much more enjoyable relationship based on trust and respect. Thanks to Chris my horse is truly my partner.” (Basia and Avanti)

“I always knew my horse had a good head on his shoulders and just needed the right person to show him the way and give him a chance.  He is a horse that does not respond to a heavy hand but rather kindness, understanding and patience…Chris just gets it when it comes to horses…If you have a horse that is hard to train or traditional trainers have struggled with Chris is the best person to work with that horse.  She will take time to figure out what they need and adjust accordingly…For me the final deciding factor and something I learned as a life lesson was to see what the owners horses were like.  Chris has a bond with her horses that I have never seen before.  Her horses work with her step by step….  I promise it only takes one session and you will see the difference from every other trainer you have worked with!” (Brett and Alfie) (Full Testimonials)

 “I could not have been more blessed to have my daughters first horse trained by Chris Wzorek!  We met Chris through our three year old gypsy mare when she was just a baby.  Chris did all the imprinting with Mora and continued training her as she grew.  When we took ownership of Mora (at 1 ½ yrs old), she was already trained ~ so well!  Mora could be lunged, backed up and would go over jumps, bow, etc.  Mora literally has NO vices, no spooks, walks right onto trailers, etc – my (15 year old) daughter just rode her in her first parade a few weeks ago and did a 10 mile trail ride fundraiser this past spring!  She is fine with all people, cars, dogs, etc. I feel that Chris's start with Mora had a huge impact on the ease my daughter had in saddle breaking her.  I am not the ‘horse’ person, my daughter is and knowing Mora and Tyla have Chris's training and expertise, there is nothing I wouldn’t let them do." (Lisa, Tyla, Mora)


“Chris is one of those trainers that have a “gift” for handling horses. My wife and I were always extremely impressed with her positive, can-do disposition, intelligence, ease of communications, and kindness with animals, patience, and overall unique training skills. Not to mention being an extremely hard worker. There was no task Chris ever shied away from and I would always comment about how productive she was overall. She assisted our family with our herd of broodmares, stallions, and each of their foals from the time of birth. We literally could not have had a better trainer for our horses as she kept up with the growth of our herd.

My wife and I were continually impressed with how well and how quickly our horses were trained for progressively more complex tasks. Starting with ground training on through riding under saddle, and pulling wagons. She worked with multiple horses during each visit and created a strong bond with each horse. She is a true “horse woman” and it was clear to us that she loved working with horses and had a wonderful firm but gentle method for her training. We saw over and over how our horses loved and responded Chris as a result.

In summary, I would simply add that I would highly recommend Chris to any family raising horses and needing assistance in training at any level. It’s important to state that not only is she good with horses…but she is very good with people as well ….a wonderful combination.” (Don Robinson, owner of Running Wheels Gypsy Farm)