Chris offers lessons in English and Western, beginner through advanced.  Recreational and competitive riders will both gain the tools they need to succeed through her instruction.  Every student she teaches will learn how to have a strong independent seat, soft hands, confidence, and a good understanding of their influence on the horse.

She specializes in teaching her students how to work with the horse so they can achieve their goals with confidence.  Whether it be jumping a course or maneuvering the trail, confidence in your riding ability and knowledge of how to handle yourself and the horse are key.  Jumping students will learn how to jump a course with focus and ease.  Trail students will learn how to give their horse the confidence they need to get over difficult obstacles.

        o  Disciplines offered:

                    o Hunter/Jumper

                    o Western

                    o Natural horsemanship

Please contact Chris for lesson rates and scheduling.



Chris has strong background working with young horses and problem horses.  She believes in using patience, consistency, and understanding.  By working with the horse in a way that they understand, she is able to develop confident, willing, and obedient horses that are capable of just about anything their owners ask of them.  She firmly believes in the owner taking part in the training sessions as much as they can.  The horses’ attitudes are developed through the bond that is built through training. It is very important that the owner develop this bond with the horse, ensuring a mutual respect and understanding between both horse, and human.

o  Chris offers the following services for training

        o Natural Horsemanship

        o Working with problem horses

        o Starting young horses under saddle

        o Training horses for various disciplines including:




Please contact Chris for training rates and scheduling.