Welcome to CJW Horsemanship

Are you looking for an environment that cultivates confidence, respect, and partnership? Someone to help you reach your goals with your horse, at home and in the show ring?

Chris specializes in training, and instructing in a way that promotes confidence in clients, both horse and human. Chris believes each horse is an individual and needs to be trained in the way that works best for that individual. Using patience, consistency, and years of experience, she can help you learn how to have a partnership with your horse based on mutual respect, trust, and understanding. A willing, respectful, and confident horse is a horse that is versatile and can accomplish anything from jumping to reining. A willing, respectful, and confident horse can be your horse, with the right training.

Chris offers individualized lessons and training for both beginner and advanced riders. Ensuring each student has a solid foundation and encouraging them to challenge themselves and their horses. With years of experience in teaching various disciplines, she gives her students the tools they need to succeed both in recreational and competitive riding.

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