Chris is a horsewoman who attributes much of her knowledge to the horses themselves and of course her mother, who had her on horses since before she can remember. She has a wide range of experience in training and showing, from hunter jumper to western pleasure. She is a CHA certified instructor and also a MA State Licensed Riding instructor. Chris has always had a passion for finding a way to work with the horse, not against him, to get her goals accomplished. She wants to share this passion with people so that, they too, can find the joy in working with horses the way she has.

Chris grew up riding and working with numerous horses, most of whom were auction horses, anything from the young colt to the old trail horse. She grew up with all the “problem horses” and turned them into attentive, obedient, and confident horses, along the way teaching people as well. She has learned that so much more can be accomplished with patience and consistency than with a forceful hand. She has the ability to read horses and the ability to teach other people how to read their horse as well. It’s been an interesting journey, one that has given Chris the passion that she has today for working with horses and people the way she does. Chris doesn’t have one set plan that she believes works for every horse. Each horse is an individual, and that’s how she trains them, which yields incredibly quick results. All done in a way that not only the horse can understand, but also the horse’s human partner, giving that person confidence in their ability to work with their horse.

Chris’s goal when working with a horse and their owner is to create a partnership between horse and human. A partnership that is based on mutual respect, trust, and understanding (communication). She wants to inspire horse owners to challenge themselves and their horses to have the best partnership possible. Chris wants to give the people she works with the knowledge and tools they need to be able to create that partnership. Anything is possible when you have created that bond; whether your goals are stadium jumping, reining, endurance, or just pleasure riding. “Any horse can be a good horse; no horse is ever born bad.” Chris thoroughly believes in that statement and strives to show owners the confident, interactive, willing, and attentive side to their horses.